Eight seconds. That’s how long mobile users are willing to wait for a response from your applications. If an application doesn’t load quickly and flawlessly on a mobile device, they move on to another task, perhaps a task that doesn’t generate revenue.

ForceFlux Mobile solutions can help you boost performance to deliver web applications to mobile users without delay. Our technology automatically reduces object size and cache content to minimize data requests. ForceFlux Mobile helps you improve server response time to ensure that your applications perform with the same consistent, high quality—whatever the device, whatever the distance. 

Increase revenue

In the world of e-commerce, faster application response times lead to higher conversion rates. If a site is slow to load, users are quick to leave. ForceFlux can shave time off page loads for your mobile users and help you:

  • Render pages more quickly with automatic image quality and size reduction
  • Minimize latency with the new application-layer protocol

Improve employee productivity

Enterprise demand for mobile application delivery just keeps growing. Not only are employees accessing enterprise applications on mobile devices, they’re increasingly using their own devices.  ForceFlux can help you meet user expectations and increase productivity.

  • Speed up application delivery
  • Decrease the number of connections between clients and servers by caching repetitive content in the browser

Reduce complexity and cost

You want to deliver a good experience. But deploying point solutions and customizing code to support multiple device form factors, operating systems, and browsers can be costly.  ForceFlux solutions ensure fast, secure, and reliable mobile access to your applications without breaking the bank.

  • Use integrated tools to automate front-end optimizations
  • Get integrated access management to protect your applications

Mobile Application Velocity