ForceFlux Application Velocity

ForceFlux Enterprise provides an intelligent framework that simplifies the process of deploying and optimizing application delivery services. ForceFlux Enterprise provides organizations of all sizes with intuitive, flexible, and scalable industry-leading solutions and services.

Get the most out of your applications with the ForceFlux product family. As software, its components work within data centers, traditional and cloud environments and are easily integrated into application stacks for communication to devices of all kinds. It is the industry’s only complete software-based application delivery system with integrated content management capabilities.

Organizations depend on applications to support business operations and drive revenue. At the same time, users are demanding more from those applications, including faster load times and access across a wide variety of devices. Poor performance can result in reduced productivity, abandoned shopping carts, and decreased revenue performance.

The strategic combination of data center, transport, and application velocity overcomes WAN latency, maximizes server capacity, and speeds application response times. Users get fast access to applications—while you gain greater revenue and free up IT resources.

Improve the end-user experience

Improve the end-user experience through multiple optimization technologies applied at all layers of the application delivery chain. Whether the application is delivered from the cloud or the local data center to a mobile device or a desktop across LAN, users will spend less time waiting for content and more time using the application.

  • Accelerate load times by reducing the number of round trips required to display content
  • Prioritize and categorize traffic so users can access critical applications quickly
  • Improve application performance by up to 200%

Give your end users a highly available, high-performance experience with ForceFlux Enterprise. This full-featured software solution does far more than balance workloads to your enterprise applications and cloud services.

Boost employee productivity

Fast application response times can be difficult to maintain, especially for employees working at remote locations. Don’t let user productivity in your organization suffer.

Optimize data center efficiency

ForceFlux Enterprise is an intelligent solution that can significantly reduce the number of application servers or bandwidth required, so you can consolidate devices and services to deliver optimized applications while reducing costs.

With ForceFlux Enterprise, you can:

  • Increase server capacity by an average of 60 percent with compression offload and more efficient caching
  • Decrease costly TCP retransmissions by sending less data over the network

Streamline application delivery optimization

ForceFlux Enterprise unifies and extends performance and optimization with the traffic management technologies on any enterprise architecture. These consolidated services help you optimize any application without needing to modify applications or deploy multiple point solutions. Plus, you reduce hardware costs, rack space, and energy consumption, while streamlining management and personnel resources.

Data de-duplication

ForceFlux Enterprise’s data de-duplication uses pattern matching and byte caching technologies to de-duplicate your data and expand overall capacity, so you don’t waste bandwidth. It also ensures high-speed application performance and reduces the amount of data transferred over the network.

Dynamic data reduction

ForceFlux Enterprise reduces network utilization by reducing the amount of data that needs to traverse the network.

  • Image optimization improves how images load over slower connections by stripping out unnecessary metadata and converting the image format

The performance of your applications set the pace at which you do business. Improve performance and you can increase employee productivity, boost business operations, and drive e-commerce revenue.ForceFlux solutions help you achieve top performance by making your applications work faster over your existing network, use fewer resources, and operate more cost-effectively.

With ForceFlux Enterprise, you can:

  • Accelerate application performance over your existing network for your users, customers and employees
  • Speed replication between data centers
  • Improve performance for mobile and remote users
  • Reduce infrastructure and bandwidth costs